Daily Winners:
6/1/21 – Teo Wan Chee, Kan Yue Meng

7/1/21 – Teo Li Huat

8/1/21 – No eligible entries

9/1/21 – No eligible entries

10/1/21 – No eligible entries

11/1/21 – Sim Geok Kim, Ho Siew Khoon

12/1/21 – Goh Cheng Choo, Steven Wong

13/1/21 – No eligible entries

14/1/21 – No eligible entries

Weekly Winners:
Week 1 – Teo Wan Chee

Daily Winners:
15/1/21 – No eligible entries

16/1/21 – Noorjan Bibi, Lim Bin Mok

17/1/21 – Loy Shey Ni, Koh Hwee Keng, Lim Tze Khang

18/1/21 – Lu Yang, Ong Beng Keong, He Zan Yuan

19/1/21 – Cindy Widjaja

20/1/21 – Lim Seok Peng, Yuam Chee Hoong

21/1/21 – Loo Sheng Yuen

22/1/21 – Zhang Zhi, Suvidha Balasubramanian, Chew Kim Pheng, Lim Siew Hong, Teo Li Huat

23/1/21 – Edwin Parjan Camerino, Tan Siew Cheng, Tan Cheoh Tee, Aw Pey Wen, Daniel Tay, Ong Choon Hoay

Weekly Winners:
Week 2 – Patimah Md Samad

Daily Winners:

24/1/21 – Abdul Khalid bin Abdul Hamid, NEO KENG HENG, Ang Gek Ee, Careen Ho, Ng Lan Chain, Leong Yau Sheng, Edward Khoo, Yan Kin Meng

25/1/21 – No eligible Winners

26/1/21 – Lu Yang, Lee Yao Zong

27/1/21 – Chua Zi Xiang, Lee Gao Min

28/1/21 – Loo Sheng Yuen, Chan Ka Yee Owena, Wong Yan Yee

29/1/21 – Christine Ong, Tan Fei Chin, Loo Sheng Yuen, Wong Phui Fun, Eugene Lim, PHUA CHIA CHING, Cleon Koh, Lew Lih Wen

30/1/21 – Han Choon Lan, Ricky Choo, Tan Yuke Tong, Li Jiazhi Daniel, Diana, Anna Victoria Baldres, CHAN HIN WAH JONATHAN, Ang Gek Suan Doris

31/1/21 – Raymond Kok Mun Chun, Chan Ka Yee Owena, TAY LIANG HOE, Ong Boon Eng, Serene

1/2/21- Tan Chee Peng, Benny yap, Chan Ka Yee Owena

Weekly Winners:
Week 3 – Lau Han Yuan

Supplementary Draw Winners:

Dahlia Bte Mohammedan, Lim Seok Peng, Rocelly Sumugat, Tan Lin Huei

Daily Winners:

2/2/21 – Lee Yen Leng, Ong Choon Hoay

3/2/21 -Tan Xinhong Joel

4/2/21 – CHAN HIN WAH JONATHAN, Tan Xinhong Joel, Tan Lin Huei

5/2/21 – Tan Xinhong Joel

6/2/21 – Irin, Adrian, Loo Bee Pheng, Tan Xinhong Joel, CHAN CHIT YIN LINCOLN, Tan Poh Ling Krystal

7/2/21 – Chan Ka Yee Owena, CHAN HIN WAH JONATHAN, Tan Poh Ling Krystal, CHAN CHIT YIN LINCOLN, Tan Xinhong Joel, HOE DUEN FOOK, Yati Jailani

8/2/21 – Tan Poh Ling Krystal, CHAN HIN WAH JONATHAN, Tan Chik Eng, Ong choon hoay, Chan Ka Yee Owena, Lim Bin Mok, CHAN CHIN CHIN, Tan Xinhong Joel

9/2/21 – Lim Tze Khang, Koh Beng Chye, He Xiu Qiong, Tan Xinhong Joel, Chew Sze Mun

10/2/21 – Koh Beng Chye, Sheng Jia Lun, Irin, Lee Pheck Hoon, Chua Zi Xiang, Chan Chin Chin, Chan Ka Yee Owena, Teo Li Huat

11/2/21 – Ng Ah Bee, Aiw Xing Juan Wendy, Tan Xinhong Joel, Koh Beng Chye, Lee Yen Leng, Benny yap

12/2/21 – Cheok Soh Goon, Cheok Soh Choo, Seah Seow Cheng, Geraldine Seet, He Zanyuan, He Xiu Qiong, Goh Wei Wen, Goh Siong Huat

Weekly Winners:

Week 4 – Goh Li En


Grand draw – Mary



1.     The “RB Hygiene CNY Contest 2021” (“Contest”) is applicable only to stores participating in Singapore and participating RB brands (Air Wick, Harpic, Vanish, Lysol, Shieldtox).

2.     The Contest runs from 6 January 2021 to 12 February 2021 ("Contest Period"). The Contest is organized by Reckitt Benckiser (RB) through its appointed agent (jointly known as “Organizer”). The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to this Contest, Terms and Conditions, and Contest mechanics at any time without prior notice or announcement. Entries received outside the Contest Period will be disqualified.

3.     The Contest is open to all except the employees of the Organizer.

4.     The Contest only applies to the participating brands of RB listed in Clause 1. For the avoidance of doubt, purchases of other brands not listed in Clause 1 is not eligible for entry in the Contest. Organizer reserves the right to question and / or request further information and evidence to support or reject entries in connection with the Contest. An individual may participate as many times as they wish as a Contestant. Multiple entries by the same Contestant are allowed as long as each new entry meets these Terms and Conditions. Duplicate entries are not allowed. All rejected entries are final, and no correspondence will be entertained by the Organizer.

5.     To participate in the Contest, the Contestant must:

a.     Buy any two (2) or more participating RB brands at the participating stores in a single receipt as proof of purchase. For example: Contestant who buys one product under the Harpic brand AND one product under the Air Wick brand is eligible to enter the Contest.

b.     Visit www.RBHyHoContest.com and register your Name (as per NRIC), last 4 characters of NRIC number, mailing address, phone number, receipt number, and upload a clear picture of your receipt / proof of purchase within 5 days, not including the day the purchase was made, or your proof of purchase becomes void and will not be eligible for any prize drawing, whether Daily, Weekly or Grand Prizes. Additionally, all entries must be submitted before the end of the Contest Period. Any submissions after 12 February 2021 will be null and void.

c.     Winners will stand to receive prizes worth SGD 8 (x8 per day); 1 weekly Cash Back of SGD 688 (for 4 weeks); and 1 Grand Prize of SGD 8,888. The amount will be mailed via cheque to Contestant’s mailing address within ten (10) working days or thereabouts with delays happening or may happen during the current Covid-19 pandemic situation in Singapore and the world.

d.     In order to be eligible for a daily draw, Contestant must submit a valid proof of purchase dated from the day of the daily draw. In order to be eligible for a weekly draw, Contestant must submit a valid proof of purchase dated from the week of the weekly draw. In order to be eligible for the Grand Prize, Contestant must submit a valid proof of purchase dated any day during the Contest Period.

6.     Any entry submitted by and / or through an agent, third party or group of organizations will not be accepted. Incomplete or unreadable entries or non-compliance with any of these Terms and Conditions will be rejected. No correspondence, verbal or written, will be entertained.

7.     All data concerning Contestant should only be entered through the designated website and may be used to contact prize winners. Participant must be contactable before being declared as a winner.

8.     The Contestant is advised not to disclose any personal data publicly except through the website provided.

9.     The Organizer will not call Contestant for their bank account information. Contestant are advised to be on guard against fraud.

10.  For an entry to be eligible for at least one of the drawings, the receipt / proof of purchase of the Product must be purchased between 6 January 2021 to 12 February 2021.

11.  Organizer reserves the right to terminate the Contest in advance of its due date without notice or reason.

12.  These Terms and Conditions are subject to Singapore law.

13.  By participating in the Contest, Contestants agree to provide their personal information and the Organizer reserves the right to publish, use the Contestant’s name and / or picture (if any) for the purpose of publicity, advertising and / or trade without compensation or further notice and each Contestant has no right to make any entry for such use.

14.  The Organizer collects personally identifiable information in order to provide services or to contact the Contestant. This information is stored by the Organizer in a manner consistent with the nature of the data and used to fulfil the Contestant’s request. By submitting the Contestant’s personal information, the Organizer considers that the Contestant has given permission to Organizer and the Organizer is to use the information for marketing and promotional purposes now and in the future, and to improve its products and services. If the Contestant informs the Organizer that the above information is not available for future contact, the Organizer will respect the Contestant’s request.

© Copyright Reckitt Benckiser Group plc. All rights reserved.